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Since vampires first appeared in literature in the middle of the 18th century, they are typically associated with hairstyles from that time period. Some people’s hair was teased and volumized into a beehive, giving them the look of renegade courtesans and high court justices.

Stick-straight strands are also used to depict other vampire haircuts, adding to the super-gaunt, angular appearance that was the closest to that of the undead. This is why we will talk about some iconic vampire hairstyles today in this blog.

Best Vampire Hairstyles Of 2023

The style of the day was long, strongly coloured, curly hair, as well as huge hair accented with a few gothic ornaments, frequently with a Rococo touch. Let’s check out the best vampire hairstyles of 2023.

1: Victorian Updo

The ideal vampire hairstyles are those that, above all else, go with your outfit. Select an era; mediaeval, Victorian, and contemporary pop culture vampire incarnations all have subtle variances.

Consider choosing a low bun with a regal appearance if you’re looking for a more understated option. Make a centre part in your hair, then pull it back into a ponytail at the back of your head. Use bobby pins to secure the ponytail in place after entirely coiling it around itself.

2: Widow’s Peak

The widow’s peak is essentially the middle hairline that extends to your forehead, giving you one of the most iconic vampire hairstyles of all time. This sexy vampire hairdo truly gives your face a highly toned appearance and emphasises your jawline.

This vampire hairstyle is the one you should wear to a formal event when you must appear to be a true vampire. 

If you want to wear this vampire hairdo to your costume party then wait no longer. It’s quite easy to imitate this hairdo. You only need to brush the tangles out of your hair and straighten it.

3: Backcombed Bouffant

It’s no surprise that female vampires incorporate some of the hairstyles. This fashionable ‘do as bold’, bouffant-type hair has been a popular runway and street style trend for quite some time!

Keep in mind the maxim, “the bigger, the better”! You’ll need a teasing comb and some Flexible Hold Hairspray to achieve this eerie appearance. Keep backcombing and misting your hair until you have gorgeously full strands.

4: Monster Braids

The eerie monster braids vampire hairdo is ideal for your Halloween outfit. This is one of those vampire hairstyles that has a lot of texture because of the braids and the unkempt hair. The volume that is created on top is a great stylistic trick to lengthen and edify your face.

If you want to appear as a vampire from the past who was solely thirsty for blood through conquest, this is a perfect option. 

With this hairdo, you project a raucous vampire appearance that simultaneously makes you appear threatening, menacing, and beastly.

5: Retro Flapper

Do you want to scare everyone else at the next Halloween party but yet choose the classic path for Halloween? Why not choose one of the most legendary vampire hairstyles with a flapper influence?

We’ve been smitten with this party-ready haircut since the movie The Great Gatsby hit our screens, and it just so happens to look wonderful when given a vampiric twist. There aren’t many more elegant Halloween vampire haircuts than this!

6: Dreadlocks

Do you remember Laureant from Twilight? He had these infamous vampire hairstyles. The dreadlock hairstyle is quite stylish and evokes the image of a bloodsucking vampire who would just grab his target by the throat, suck its blood, and throw it away to die.

The deathly dreads are your finest option if you want to look like the most well-liked vampire in town. It exudes charm and assurance in equal measure.

This vampire hairdo is fantastic for wearing outside the house as well as at costume parties and trick-or-treating on Halloween.

7: Romantic Waves

If the aforementioned hairstyles are too spooky for you, you can always dress as a seductive but bloody vampire. The greatest method to catch your prey, after all, is to enchant them with captivating hairstyles for Halloween!

You’ve made the decision that you want your hair to appear fantastic for Halloween, which calls for one thing: you must choose glitzy vampire hairstyles. For the ultimate vampire-glam hairstyle, choose huge, sleek, bouncy curls!

8: Crown On Top

This vampire hairdo is not only wonderful for a costume, but it also works well for a wedding. You will appear to be the most stunning bride anyone has ever seen if you only swap the crimson crown for a stone-studded one and don your stunning white gown and veil.

You can also add some curls to your vampire hairstyles, wear high heels, and an evening gown to be prepared for a night out at the club.

The nicest thing about this haircut is that you can wear it anywhere and with anything without anyone noticing because it may be loud while still flawlessly blending in.

9: Crimped Updo

For a truly genuine vampire appearance, go all out and purchase a black wig or style your own hair into this crimped updo. Pull your hair up into an updo that sits below the headpiece of your costume and use a crimper to give it the ideal amount of scraggly texture.

To keep the finalised look in place all night, spritz Hold Hairspray on it. You’ll get the bitchiest vampire hairstyle in no time.

10: Twisted Bun

If you want to resemble a strict principal vampire who will whoop you up if you break any of the rules, try the twisted bun hairstyle. A pulled-up bun with a little added volume characterises this hairstyle.

With the dark red lipstick and the pale complexion, this sassy vampire hairdo appears too alluring. 

Although jet-black hair is typically utilised for the vampire hairstyle, this is a nice variation of the standard design.

Closing Remarks

These are some fantastic haircuts that individuals actually created to resemble their own interpretation of the vampires. You should reconsider your assumptions if you believe these haircuts to be fake.

The vampire hairstyles may make you stand out among the crowd as being stylish and magnificent, and they will also catch everyone’s attention. These hairstyles are ideal and you should definitely try them out.

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