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After seeing Bridgerton Season 1 so many times we can say with certainty that it makes for a fantastic Halloween costume or terrific general style inspiration. The Regency-era tale is replete with stunning dresses, steamy romance, and some stunning hairstyles, as well.

You’ll thus need to watch a few bridgerton hairstyle videos to really master the look if you want to rock your this year’s Halloween costume. So, without further ado, let’s get started with it.

Top Bridgerton Hairstyles For You

Although it would be lovely to have a lady’s maid style your hair for you, it’s likely that you will have to deal with your bridgerton hairstyles alone. These Bridgerton hair examples can help with that.

1: Daphne Bridgerton’s Curls

Through her presentation to the Queen, Daphne Bridgerton makes her entrance into society. Each season’s opening event in London was a lavish affair that had a significant impact on how each lady would experience her season and her chances of finding a husband. 

In order to best reflect the Bridgerton name, Daphne wears her hair curled in the newest styles and exposes her neck at the time, this was considered the most exquisite portion of a woman’s body, and accessories with family jewelry. 

Daphne Bridgerton is a strong candidate to win the title of first water diamond for the season. So, we think her bridgerton hairstyles would be worth trying out. 

2: Marina Thompson’s Flowery Hairstyle

The fact that Marina Thompson has flowers in her hair illustrates how much she enjoys being outside and in nature. At that time, women had to be accomplished. The majority picked up an instrument, everyone started doing needlework, many people painted, and a select few went into botany. 

The Regency era was characterized by a concentration on nature and the English countryside because the Napoleonic wars significantly restricted social mobility. The focus of society shifted from exploring the continent to maximizing the environment right outside their home. 

Marina conveys a trendy and modest appearance by sporting flowers in her hair, and her bridgerton hairstyles are some of our favorites.

3: Penelope Featherington’s Cute Curls

Penelope Featherington’s hair might be fashioned in a more stylish, “less is more” manner like Daphne if she had her way, we’d venture. She currently serves as Lady Featherington’s subject, and her hair looks to be styled more in the manner of the extravagant French courtiers of the late eighteenth century. 

At the time, Penelope’s haircut would have been considered outmoded and a little over the top; in our opinion, it was more a reflection of her mother than of Penelope. One of our all-time favorite series characters is Penelope Featherington. 

Despite being a wallflower, Penelope has some of the event’s most striking debutantes thanks to her huge, fire-red curls, which is why these bridgerton hairstyles are pretty great.

4: Cressida Cowper’s Elaborate Hairstyle

If Cressida Cowper’s towering, ornate hairstyles don’t accurately express her Briderton persona of severity and intimidation, we don’t know what will. It is obvious that Cressida needs to spend a lot of time on her hair because ladies of the era would use their lady’s maid to assist them in getting dressed for balls. 

Her costly accessories and fashionable outfits reveal both her affluence and her resolve to find a husband before the season is out. Cressida Cowper’s Hair Sculptures Can Be Perfectly Executed By You, Too. 

Even if Cressida Cowper is a bully, her bridgerton hairstyles are nonetheless admirable. In fact, some of the most elaborate looks in the entire show are Cressida’s hair sculptures.

5: Eloise Bridgerton’s Mid-Length Hair

Eloise Bridgerton has not yet made her social debut. She is not now courting suitors or soliciting phone calls as a result. Her hemlines and hair both send out loud and clear signals. 

Instead of being pulled up to display a more mature and graceful stretch of the neck, her hair is permitted to fall over her shoulders as was the trend at the time for kids. It may look simple but hers are some of the most watched-over bridgerton hairstyles ever. 

Although her appearance is more complicated, in the end you will be completely ball-ready. To master the styles, you’ll likely need two mirrors, though.

6: Queen Charlotte’s Royal Hairstyle

With good reason, Queen Charlotte’s hair sends off a message of regalness. The Queen, being an older woman, was probably more likely to follow the trends of her youth, which were the bold, high, powdered wigs of the late eighteenth century. 

This was before the French Revolution when the English meticulously copied French fashions and the decadence of the court at Versailles was completely in vogue. It’s only fitting that you bring Queen Charlotte out in person for individuals who represent royalty in daily life. 

You can emulate the monarch’s bridgerton hairstyles, but she has a number of iconic styles that are appropriate for her position.

7: Lady Danbury Elegant Hairstyle

Lady Danbury comes from a time when styles were strictly modeled by those of France. The voluminous powdered bridgerton hairstyles that were so fashionable at Versailles’ court were imitated by women in England just like Marie Antoinette

The fact that Lady Danbury’s hair is simple, modest, unpowdered, and absolutely exquisite in contrast to those trends says something about who she is. Because of her hairdo, we might infer that she is uncomplicated, direct, and visionary.

You can have their hair on lock, no matter which character you most desire to be, but giving this one a try will surely up your fashion game.

Signing Off

The Bridgerton series features a tonne of gorgeous and intricate hairstyles that significantly add to how well it draws you into its world. Despite wearing a tiara and flowers on her head, Daphne Bridgerton never lets her short curtain bangs look out of place. 

Some of the most complex, beautiful wigs to ever appear on television belong to Queen Charlotte. Then there are Penelope Featherington’s stunning curls. You could even try creating a hair sculpture that would make Cressida Cowper envious if you’re up for the challenge. 

The hair game is unsurpassed in Bridgerton.

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