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2022 saw a boom in oversized clothing fashion. 

But hold up, 2023 is going to be even better. It’s finally time to close your fitted clothing and bring out those vintage oversized clothing. 

If you are thinking why we said vintage, then let us explain. 

Fashion in general moves in cycles, what today is in fashion will be outdated in a year or so but it will again show up as a trend and this cycle continues forever. 

Therefore, now it is time for some baggy clothing. 

In this blog, we will give you 11 baggy jeans ideas that you can rock this year. 

Top 11 Baggy Jeans Ideas in 2023

Baggy jeans add a vintage element to your outfit plus its super comfy. 

Baggy jeans are versatile as well, you can wear them to casual as well as formal events, they are a great option if you want some street style look to your outfit. 

Here we will be tapping 11 best outfit ideas ranging from formals to streets. 

1. Baggy jeans with a tank top

Number Uno baggy jeans idea is pairing it with a tank top. 

If you want to beat the heat in style then pairing baggy jeans with a tank top is the way to go. 

Not only it looks super aesthetic but a tank top balance out the bagginess of the jeans and creates a well-balanced outfit. 

2. Baggy jeans with a crop top

We all love cute crop tops right? 

The good news is that your favorite crop top goes well with baggy jeans! 

If you are trying to add some edge to your outfit then baggy jeans with a crop top are the way to go. 

Just match the color of the crop top oath your baggy denim and you will look amazing. 

3. Baggy jeans with a Shacket and a pair of chunky sneakers. 

Shackets is a classy piece of clothing, a shacket is a mid path of a sweater and a jacket, and trust me it looks amazing. 

Pair a beautiful shacket with baggy jeans and top your outfit with matching chunky sneakers and you are all set for any event. 

It not only looks aesthetic but also looks different. 

4. Baggy jeans with a knit sweater

We all love our grandmother’s knit sweaters right? 

Well, guess what, knit sweaters are trending these days, especially oversized ones. 

A knit sweater over baggy jeans is a perfect way of incorporating that retro vibe in your outfit and remaining trendy as well. 

This outfit is especially good for cold weather. If you are going with knit over baggy jeans then adding a layer of overcoat will further enhance the look plus will keep you extra warm.

5. Baggy jeans with an oversized t-shirt and chunky sneakers

I know we have covered many oversized outfits but the thing is those baggy jeans are so versatile that you can pair them with almost anything.

Another example of this is an oversized t-shirt with baggy jeans and a pair of chunky sneakers. This outfit idea is a classy example of comfort with fashion. 

This relaxed-fit outfit idea is especially good for summer and spring. 

6. Baggy jeans with a tucked-in shirt 

This outfit idea got famous after some fashion influencers started it, and trust us it looks amazing. 

A plain or printed shirt with baggy jeans is the way to go especially for semi-formal events. A tucked-in shirt with high waist-baggy jeans will be a head-turner for sure. 

7. Baggy jeans with a turtle neck sweater

Turtle-neck sweatshirts look super cool, and we all know how much versatile they are. 

Pairing a turtle neck sweater with baggy jeans is a good way of incorporating two trendy outfits. This look is good for formal and semi-formal events. 

This outfit is good for cold regions where crop tops and tank tops won’t work. 

8. Baggy jeans with boots

Let’s now focus more on your shoe game. 

Though a majority of shoes look good with baggy jeans some of them are just super cool. 

The first one is mid-length boots. 

 These boots balance the bagginess of the jeans well and look super classy, after all, baggy jeans are not just about street-style clothing, you can also dress in baggy jeans to look classy. 

9. Baggy jeans with converse

Another pair of shoes that look super cool with baggy jeans is the converse of the all-time classic. 

Convers are some of those inexpensive shoes that look minimalist but add great depth to your outfit. 

A beautiful and well-maintained pair of converse will never run out of fashion plus they don’t cost much. 

10. Rugged baggy jeans with crop hood 

A rugged baggy jeans look fire! 

And we are saying this after seeing a lot of celebs rocking those, rugged jeans are another super trendy fashion style and you can add it to your baggy jeans.

A light washed rugged baggy jeans with a white shirt are one of the hundreds of outfit ideas that you can construct with rugged baggy jeans. 

11. Baggy jeans with a fitted t-shirt

Last, how can we forget our fitted t-shirt?

Trends will come and go but a well-fitted t-shirt is never going to run out of fashion. 

And this is why this low-effort but trendy outfit idea is an evergreen outfit option.

If you are confused about what to pair your baggy jeans with just throw on a simple well-fitted t-shirt and you are good to go. 

These were the 11 best outfit ideas with baggy jeans. 


Baggy jeans can be paired with almost anything and will look fire. One baggy of jeans can create 10s of outfit options for you, this is why it is one of the most versatile bottom wear one can have. 

You probably must have a favorite outfit idea with baggy jeans, do let us know what your favorite outfit idea is. 

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